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▓▒░☆Let your hair down in London City☆░▒▓

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Entry 35- LUNDUN
Omg I spent like an hour correcting spelling and picture sizes in my blog and there's still a million more left to do. -_-

I went to London with Hannah and Becky to find a film to watch.
We were convinced that we wouldn't be able to watch Confessions of a Shopaholic but luckily it was screening a few days early in a cinema in Leicester square. I LOVED IT! I haven't read the books before but I'm sort of glad seeing as Hannah said the book and the movie were annoyingly disimilar.
Feeling inspired we wondered off to Hamleys to go ape with spending. You know, that place really isn't as big as they make it out to be. I'm sure Toys R Us is like 50x bigger but it was hella fun all the same. I felt like a little girl again ^.^ I didn't buy anything big today but I did buy a new M.A.C concealer... It was essential m'kei??

After that we wondered off to the Trocadero and had a few rounds on the DDR before checking out the many cheap nail bars. The nails were seriously gorgeous and we were lucky enough to see a customers just-finished nails. They were a gorgeous hot pink with a clear Sworovski crystal on each nail with a pink plastic bow on each thumb. I practically screamed over them (the poor girl must have thought I was mad).

When we were leaving I was looking at the posters which are hung above the esculators and I saw that the particular nail bar we were looking at also did deco-den, which is basically when you have crystals and generaly bling stick to your gadgets. I literally screamed and was like 'OH MY GOD BECKY I NEED THAT DONE TO EVERYTHING I OWN'. And it wasn't the shit sheets-of-crappy-plastic-crystals decorating, it was pick-your-own-personal-bling-and-go-ape-shit Japanese style decorating!
These things look so edible!  ☆☆.




ooh! It looks like cake ♥
I am in LOVE with this design, the colours are beautiful.



I really wish more Visual Kei bands sung like this. Sadly the vast majority of Visual Kei bands have adopted either a nasally or guttural punk-inspired voice with a strange operatic twang which I think can be unattractive and doesn't flatter the voice of the singer at all. If the singers didn't look as cute as they did, I would avoid their music like the plague. Alot of girls might not admit it but they know its true.

Pretty VK boys need pretty voices to match right?

The Sun- Binecks.
This dude has a genuinly attractive voice and I won't just want to listen to him because him and his band are cute looking.


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