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Beh questioning and stuff

You know sometimes I just don't know what I like or who I am.

I want to change all the time; I never want to be the same person for any length of time and it's fucking annoying mainly because it's expensive!
I can buy a new piece of clothing and then look at it and be like 'why did I buy that?', sometimes I just want to throw out everything n my wardrobe and start from scratch but then I know I'd regret it because I'd relove everything in it again.

I want to be every girl that ever lived at the same time. There's so many different people and things I want to be, I just can't feel I can stick to one style but then I feel so compelled to be Gal that it's my goal in life to be the best Gal possible.

Sometimes I question my 3 year old love affair with Gal style; sometimes don't understand why I like it so much.

I've never been an overtly sexual person and nor do I want do be. I've always liked layering and lace and I always detested girls who wear too much makeup and not enough clothes. I like quirky clothes. I'm not much of a  party girl; more a dreamer and I'd much rather run around a field in a crazy outfit than drink myself stupid. I like to dress how I feel and for the aura of the outfit so why is Gal such a big part of my life?

I think I'm at a point in my life where I want to feel like I fit in. I've always been sociable and get on well with most people and I'm pretty popular .  I've experienced no more and no less than any normal girl my age but for some reason I just feel different. When I step back and take a proper look at girls, I don't think I can ever really connect withthem because they're just too different from me.

Yes I like shopping and partying as much as the next girl but that's just not enough. I don't particular fancy talking about boys all day, especially when the type they're talking about are the same boring indie-wannabes or piecing back scewed memories of a drunk nights out.

Like most Gal lovers, my obsession with Japanese fashion, specifically Gal,  started with a love of anime when I was younger and over the years that love turned to fashion. This progression has shaped me so my mind-set is completely that of a girl who used to like manga, and absorbed everything between it [inc. being a weird goth, otaku and being yaoi-spazz fangirl (not that thats changed)]on her journey to being a fashion lover and discovering Gal style out of pure fluke and now here she is. Anime and manga isn't a part of my life anymore but the impact it's had on me is shocking. It's influenced the way I think, my fashion sense and even my taste in men.   

I think I value the concept of the Gal lifestyle and intellect more than the fashion itself.

More than anything, I'd like to be surrounded by people who have the same mind-set as me because of their experiences. I'd like to feel like I belong to a big group of people who are on a similar wave-length.
Soon I'm going to meet up with the girls from Hibiscgyaru and I'm excited that I'm actually meet girls who may be similar to me in this way.

I'm really excited for what the future holds since I have a new start with life, new friends and new routine and stuff but I hope I'm not so blinded by the my vision of 'the perfect gal' that I start lying to myself about who I really am.

I know I probably sound like a total child and I'm just being pissy because I'm on my own and I'm over analysing everything. All I need is a good night out with my people and I'll be right as rain and not thinking too hard again~



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