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▓▒░☆Let your hair down in London City☆░▒▓

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Omg Smiiiiiiiillllleee =D

I raced back from work to get ready to go to London and see Hibiscgyaru~ The MCM anime expo has just ended and seeing as I couldn't go to see them yesterday, I thought I would see them briefly today.
! I was hunting around for them from ages until Koneko phoned me n said they were in China Town getting Purikura done XD I was shiteing myself with nervousness XD.When I reached the purikura booth, I was greeted with a big hug from Koneko=3. Omg I must have been like awkward URJHAGSz I'm never nervous! They're a seriously a nice group of people. <3 Dec, Niijii n Chiemi were there too as well as some random Japanese gals (who kept telling me I was cute ^_^) and some girls they they had given manba make-overs to at the Expo. We went to the Trocadero for a bit n played on Parapara Paradise. Goood tiemz. 
They were all so cute and stylish and bat-shit insane in a good way obvz..
Koneko got incredibly excited when she won a giant blue squishy koosh ball that lights up from one of those grabby machines, we named it Delores and played volleyball with her until one of her little legs fell off.
Caryn was very surprising, she wasn't anything how I imagined she would be, not that my it was a bad view but it was so strange because I can see alot of myself in her and I've never had that with anyone before.
Niijii is adooorable with his Stich outfit. I used to speak to him alot on MSN but then my current computer doesn't let MSN on it for some reason so we kinda lost contact.
Chiemi is adorable XD We shared a mutual feeling of painful feet. I don't think she was feeling too well. Apparently alot of the Hib girls were ill today so I didn't ge to see them )=
After we'd done parapara paradise we went to their usual place to sit at the Trocadero n played Volleyball and did parapara n stuff.
This random crowd of Spanish tourists stopped like next to us and watched us dance. They clapped when Koneko stopped dancing.
Randomzzz. I was only with them for about 1 1/2 cus they had busy days and needed to get home but I had fun while I was with them, they're so friendly, they're like a little family.
I hope they liked me~ I hope we can do more together in the future. letmejoinletmejoin!


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