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Entry 26- Uh snow plz
The weather report lied but what's new. It was supposed to start snowing at around 3PM but no, just rain and alot of it. COLD RAIN. My feet have never been so cold. I got home and stuck my feet in a warm bath which was a bad idea because my feet hurt and itched like a bithc when I took them out. I could have made me feet bleed I scratched them so much x_x.

School was a bit more interesting than normal, maybe because its a Monday and we have break time and then a free period. Spent most of that time playing Spider Sollitaire on my craptop (laptop, intended pun). That things batteries are bollocks I tell you.
Ben, Fran and I tried drawing stick people in as many seuxal positions as possible. Ben is totally different when his girlfriend isn't around, not that its a bad thing cus he's nice either way, he's just alot less gushy when she's not there. He was in a very "freaky" mood shall I put it. I told him he disgusted me when he tried to het my two friend to make out because he was bored and we had an hour to burn before our next lesson.
I have really weird stomach pains at the moment, I blame the rain for beig so cold and seeping into my shoes

I disgust myself how everything I like so far is related to Japan. i dont think ive listened to English music since the middle of January. Bit sad really. I would just like to tell you in advance that I am not a sad wapanese japanophile otaku twat. ♥
I do find alot fo caucasian boys attractive, but thats about it. To me that seems to be all there is to them. Japanese boys aren't scared to experiment with their looks (Western boys seem to think that experimenting with your hair too much and wearing bright clothes will make you out to be a "fag" or an "emo") and have alot more of a flare with fashion than caucasian boys... probably because they have better shops out there... but still. (this country seriously needs an H.Naoto, LustXsoul*Franky and Lagust)

Plus, seeing that I have feminist views on practically everything, why the hell should only woman have to make all the effort in getting dressed up while men just sit there like slobs in their crap jeans and expect woman to come to them.
If you look at the animal kingdom, its males who are meant to be the more attractive of the sexes and try and court the females not the other way round.. god..
Makes me want to start up a male equivalent of the Playboy mansion...
I think men need to be objectified more and so they can see whats its like to be put under pressure to look "sexy".
Seriously the world is too male dominated and its all dominated by stupid ugly men. Maybe if they were hot then I wouldnt mind, but they're not so I fucking care.



Moar Takeru. Stupid girls keep dissing his demented curly pink hair. Personally I think its amazing and it makes a change from the typical straight spikey blonde, white and black hair you usually see jrock stars with.
Besides he needs his crazy pinkness for a movie. MOOOVIIEEEE, plus he's blonde alot of the way through the movie so stop moaning... cranky undersexed slags. The only thing that bugs me about this pic is the lipgloss stuff. I hate lipgloss/stick on boys D=  but he rocks it.


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