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My journal is falling to bits; nothing interesting has been happening lately and when it has, I've been too ill to go.

I haven't bought anything in a while but hopefully that will change because I've been looking at the magical site that is DREAMV and I found a few things that I honestly don't think I can live without. Hopefully when I decifer the shipping costs which look INSANE according to google translator... but it's more than likely that I'm interpreting them wrong so here's what I'm buying <3

2980 yen. I want the pink one with black lace.

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In other news, my parents booked a trip to Brouge and FORGOT to book me in. They managed to remember my sister. Srsly WTF. They're giving me compensation for it, which is alright BUT HOW CAN YOU FORGET YOUR OWN BLOODY DAUGHTER. I've only been here 17 years!!

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These last couple of sicky days have been filled with little fashes of awesomeness =D

Yesterday, me and my mother decided to venture into TK Maxx, or as you Yanks all it, TJ Maxx, to see if we could get lucky!
I was rummaging through the hoards of animal print jackets and pulled out this particularly cute dalmatian print waistcoat, I went to check the lable for the price and got the shock of my life when it said; me Jane.
I literally shouted out loud, OH MY GOD MUM, ITS A ME JANE JACKET. Obviously my mother was confused and just looked at me weirdly.

Lol at my smudged eye-makeup and deceiving mirror making my legs look stumpy


Srsly tho gaiz, do you know what this means? If TK Maxx is stocking me Jane jackets then there has to be a place in England somewhere that sells Me Jane clothes.... 0_0 I think I just found a new mission.

♥ ♥

And And And today I was randomly flicking through my weird foreign TV satelite (cus my relatives are turkish and they watch the turkish channels when they come over) and I just so happened to stumble across a Korean channel and what's the first thing I see, G-dragon' video for Breathe.

Mum: *runs into living room* WHAT IS IT!?
Me: *points* I.....LOVE.....him! [g-dragon]
Mum: He looks gay
Me: WELL HE'S NOT ...(...ithink)
Mum: He will be...He looks like a girl
Mum: Yes... a cute girlfriend

AAANNND today I received an email from a girl called Mimi telling me that my website, the Gal Library has been featured on Laurent de Chiba's blog! I was rediculously happy My little baby site, I'm so proud! =D I love his blog, I check it every day! He also uploads alot of Parapara DVDs so please check him out.
For any of you who haven't read his blog, laurentdechiba.skyrock.com/ (it's french but meh)

and for those who haven't seen my site yet, please check out www.gyaru.startje.com!
I update it almost every day with new Gal related links e.g brands, foreign Gals, style help, trends, circles etc.~

Um... this is Pedro, he is, according to a friend, a gay jewish hermaphrodite.
Isn't he cute? I'm hoping to make more smaller ones so I can attatched them to hairbands <3

Peace out kiddies; look after yourselves in this crappy flu season xx
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Omg Smiiiiiiiillllleee =D

I raced back from work to get ready to go to London and see Hibiscgyaru~ The MCM anime expo has just ended and seeing as I couldn't go to see them yesterday, I thought I would see them briefly today.
! I was hunting around for them from ages until Koneko phoned me n said they were in China Town getting Purikura done XD I was shiteing myself with nervousness XD.When I reached the purikura booth, I was greeted with a big hug from Koneko=3. Omg I must have been like awkward URJHAGSz I'm never nervous! They're a seriously a nice group of people. <3 Dec, Niijii n Chiemi were there too as well as some random Japanese gals (who kept telling me I was cute ^_^) and some girls they they had given manba make-overs to at the Expo. We went to the Trocadero for a bit n played on Parapara Paradise. Goood tiemz. 
They were all so cute and stylish and bat-shit insane in a good way obvz..
Koneko got incredibly excited when she won a giant blue squishy koosh ball that lights up from one of those grabby machines, we named it Delores and played volleyball with her until one of her little legs fell off.
Caryn was very surprising, she wasn't anything how I imagined she would be, not that my it was a bad view but it was so strange because I can see alot of myself in her and I've never had that with anyone before.
Niijii is adooorable with his Stich outfit. I used to speak to him alot on MSN but then my current computer doesn't let MSN on it for some reason so we kinda lost contact.
Chiemi is adorable XD We shared a mutual feeling of painful feet. I don't think she was feeling too well. Apparently alot of the Hib girls were ill today so I didn't ge to see them )=
After we'd done parapara paradise we went to their usual place to sit at the Trocadero n played Volleyball and did parapara n stuff.
This random crowd of Spanish tourists stopped like next to us and watched us dance. They clapped when Koneko stopped dancing.
Randomzzz. I was only with them for about 1 1/2 cus they had busy days and needed to get home but I had fun while I was with them, they're so friendly, they're like a little family.
I hope they liked me~ I hope we can do more together in the future. letmejoinletmejoin!

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Wow I haven't updated in a week, thats a first. Noting really interesting has happened.
Half term!! Yaaaay!
It's gotten off to a bad start though because I was supposed to be going up to London to see peeps and then see Hibiscgyaru and go to the MCM expo but I woke up this morning and felt like I was going to die so I to call off my plans -_-. I really really looking forward to meeting Hib D= I had my outfit planned n everything ARAXJHAX fucking England and it's shitty viruses. Hopefully I'll be better for tomorrow so I can see them then... but I doubt it -_-

I ordered some Candy Doll lenses on the 4th and FINALLY got them about 3 days!

[I thought it would be appropriate to cover my face with a swine-flu mask because 1) I look like a tard and 2) swine flu?]

So what do you guys think? When I first put these in, I thought I looked like a cat XD

I need to practice some eyemakeup that lengthens my eyes so they look less buggish and round.

Yesterday, I handed in my first piece of fashion coursework x_x. Everyone's was amazing in comparison to mine! I am determined to do better now, there's some incredibly talented people in my class.

Everyone dresses up like woah 4 college <3

PhotobucketMa KYAT, Chichi <3

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On Tuesday I went shopping for the first time in a month!
I decided to go to London on my larry (translation: by myself) and it was actually really pleasant!

I bought some new MAC lashes because, as you can see, my old ones are really skanky looking now XD. SBY seems to be selling lashes similar to those lashes in a pack of 5 and only for about 1000 yen so I think I might get someone to me some of those.

Big foofy Topshop Skirt for thirty quid (trans:pounds [keyboard has no pound sign]). I've seen similar skirts crop up alot in Ageha.
It's so versatile! and it will last for a bazillion seasons so EVERYONE BUY ONE.

Accessorize berret with bow. I got it for 12 pounds with it kind of expensive. I don't know if I like it or now, it was kind of an impulse thing... I might take it back...

Jumper from H&M which was 20 pounds. I adore this thing, I'm a navy/grey-fiend at the moment, so this goes with basically everything I've been wearing to college.

magazines~ Egg was pretty exciting this month, probably because it's the start of the Autumn season so lots of new trends are coming in and stuffs~ I'm happy to see that Ame-kaji isn't in it much... not that I don't like it; it's just been dominating Gal magazines since the beginning of the year and there's only so much you can do with baggy jeans and a neon t-shirt =/

Now I must continue with my fashion coursework!
Toodles my chums <3

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Because I'm bored of complaining that my 5-month cold doesn't leave me alone, I'm going to talk about something more interesting!

Universal Doll posted on her blog that a mini magazine called GalMori came out recently, showing Gals how to update their makeup because as we know Gal style is famous for evolving~~
I don't know about you, but I think there is a much needed change from blackened eyes, bronzer and eyebrow highlighting.
So here I leave you with some pics and my observations of this NeW GaL makeup.

So I don't kill your computer, I'll just put the pics etc under a cut


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Nighty night loves <3
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Beh questioning and stuff

You know sometimes I just don't know what I like or who I am.

I want to change all the time; I never want to be the same person for any length of time and it's fucking annoying mainly because it's expensive!
I can buy a new piece of clothing and then look at it and be like 'why did I buy that?', sometimes I just want to throw out everything n my wardrobe and start from scratch but then I know I'd regret it because I'd relove everything in it again.

I want to be every girl that ever lived at the same time. There's so many different people and things I want to be, I just can't feel I can stick to one style but then I feel so compelled to be Gal that it's my goal in life to be the best Gal possible.

Sometimes I question my 3 year old love affair with Gal style; sometimes don't understand why I like it so much.

I've never been an overtly sexual person and nor do I want do be. I've always liked layering and lace and I always detested girls who wear too much makeup and not enough clothes. I like quirky clothes. I'm not much of a  party girl; more a dreamer and I'd much rather run around a field in a crazy outfit than drink myself stupid. I like to dress how I feel and for the aura of the outfit so why is Gal such a big part of my life?

I think I'm at a point in my life where I want to feel like I fit in. I've always been sociable and get on well with most people and I'm pretty popular .  I've experienced no more and no less than any normal girl my age but for some reason I just feel different. When I step back and take a proper look at girls, I don't think I can ever really connect withthem because they're just too different from me.

Yes I like shopping and partying as much as the next girl but that's just not enough. I don't particular fancy talking about boys all day, especially when the type they're talking about are the same boring indie-wannabes or piecing back scewed memories of a drunk nights out.

Like most Gal lovers, my obsession with Japanese fashion, specifically Gal,  started with a love of anime when I was younger and over the years that love turned to fashion. This progression has shaped me so my mind-set is completely that of a girl who used to like manga, and absorbed everything between it [inc. being a weird goth, otaku and being yaoi-spazz fangirl (not that thats changed)]on her journey to being a fashion lover and discovering Gal style out of pure fluke and now here she is. Anime and manga isn't a part of my life anymore but the impact it's had on me is shocking. It's influenced the way I think, my fashion sense and even my taste in men.   

I think I value the concept of the Gal lifestyle and intellect more than the fashion itself.

More than anything, I'd like to be surrounded by people who have the same mind-set as me because of their experiences. I'd like to feel like I belong to a big group of people who are on a similar wave-length.
Soon I'm going to meet up with the girls from Hibiscgyaru and I'm excited that I'm actually meet girls who may be similar to me in this way.

I'm really excited for what the future holds since I have a new start with life, new friends and new routine and stuff but I hope I'm not so blinded by the my vision of 'the perfect gal' that I start lying to myself about who I really am.

I know I probably sound like a total child and I'm just being pissy because I'm on my own and I'm over analysing everything. All I need is a good night out with my people and I'll be right as rain and not thinking too hard again~


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Urrghz today was so dull. I'm still refusing to talk to my mother. Our only conversation today went like this:
Mum: -opens bedroom door- "Oh by the way, I'm not dropping you off at work, you're going to have to walk or get your dad to drop you off if you're nice enough"
Me: -ignore-
*closes door*
*opens door*
"That is if he is your real dad, I'm a whore, remember?"
I bet she spent like 10 minutes thinking this up 
pre-work boredom.

I bought some brown Candy Doll lenses today =D
I posted a picture of Kumicky's eye on Facebook since she like always wears them and I got a ton of comments coming back saying 'OMG are those like Twilight eyes".... no retarded friends, they are not.

My friend said they look creepy because it looked really glowy and she thought it makes the iris bigger which is DOESN'T and I had to explain to her like 50 times that the contacts are supposed to be really bright in camera flashes n she was like BUH DEY LOOK ORANGE so I explain again. I'll let her go on this one; she's all drugged up on tonsilitus medicine. She'll like them when she sees them.

Pretty Candy Doll lenses. Don't her eyes look adorable? Yes!

Creepy Twilight contact lenses

Come on, how terrifying are these D=
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oh everybody's starry-eyed and everybody glows.

Right now I'm supposed to be doing my fashion homework but my brain is starting to wonder!

Friday night is pub-night so me and the gang decided to be drunk and disorderly.

Pretending to be dead is cool

We also found a whole marrow in a bin which we thought was absolutely hysterical so we smashed it in the middle of a road.

Good times.

I feel like ranting so I shall rant about the bain of my life; my first name.


My mother being the awkward Turkish woman that she is decided to name me and my sister turkish girls names which just so happen to be British boys names. But because my mother is STILL awkward and STILL TURKISH, she wanted my name to be a cross between the named Emily and Eminem [Em-i-neh] to show my half turkishness BUT because my father is BRITISH and British people are famous for being the laziest shits in the universe, he can't pronounce EM-I-LEH

So I'm basically Emily but life isn't that simple because THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE IS GAY AND NOT PHONETIC.

So as soon as people see -Emile- in a school register they think I'm a boy OR they call me:

So apparently, I'm a male mill.

TALKING OF MY MOTHER; the beast to tried to kill my laptop, she FUCKING BROKE MY CHARGER. She smashed it on the floor in her rage over the blue sock and then drowned it in a bucket of water! SO my dad is buying me a new one. =)


As we say in brit-land, DIS SONG IS A CHOOOOOOOOOOOOON
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