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Entry 43
Recently in my life, many doors chapters have began and ended; going into 6th form, quitting German, the end of 'team sociology', friends moving onto new schools, new mind sets and the like and genreally these beginnings and ends have been really positive for me and I am so happy with my life right now. I feel more mature in a way; like I'm finally starting to grow up but I can't help but feel a bit sad for all these closed chapters.

An important chapter in my life is my love of Gal fashion, and a particularly a special group of Gal called 'Angeleek' who practiced a style called Manba.
Angeleek was what is called a "gal circle" A gal circle is what the same suggests. A group of gals will get together a few times a week and party, hang out and dance in the streets together.
Angeleek was one of the most powerful gal circles in the whole of Japan having hundreds of members and sub-circles in all parts of Japan.
Angeleek had a system called 'generations', by which new girls would join group and leave the group at the same time. Usually a generation would exist for a year or two, then it would be time to graduate and they'd all have a huge party to celebrate and then a next generation with new members would begin. The graduations would usually mean that the girls abandoned the Manba look, grew up and moved on in their lives, which is sad enough as it is.

The most popular and influencial generation of Angeleek girls was the main circle in Shibuya, the 7th generation, who were around from about 2005 to 2007 consisting of the members about 20 members or so. These girls had done so much for themselves, starring in parapara dance DVDs, recording songs,spreading the gal lifestyle and fashion, offering tours of their world, being in magazines and on tv and even being in a show with Jonathan Ross (lol).


Unfortunatly since the graduation of the 7th generation on 9th December 2007, Angeleek has never been the same, the newer generations of Angeleek never same the same impact as the 7th girls did and gradually their popularity and the manba look began to deline and sadly, according to a Swedish gal named Ulrika who recently got invited to join Angeleek, said that the circle will probably totally disband in the near future as the newer gals are abandoning the manba look or are leaving Angeleek all together.
I am genuinly sad about that.


I don't want that chapter of my life to finish. It will be the death of manba and Angeleek for me and alot of other western girls.

Photobucket Photobucket

I've recently found most of the 7th generation gal's blogs and it's so amazing watching and reading about what they're doing now and it's so touching that though they've all abandoned the manba look for a more conformist style they always seem to write about when times were simpler for them when they were in Angeleek. They always post old pictures of themselves and say how much they miss being able to be so tanned and have crazy hair because they were young.


Despite these girls having a reputation for being layabouts and looking as shocking as they do, I think what the girls stood for was really beautiful and in a way, smart. They were a sister-hood of young outcast girls just slobbing around, being crazy and having as much fun as possible while they were still young, but like us all they had to grow up and it makes me sad that being 17, I'm almost considered an adult myself and I don't have that long to be a total retard anymore. It upsets me when people refer to me as a 'lady' when I'm at work XD


To me, being an adult is just a mind set. I never want to feel like I have to repress who I really am for the sake of being considered an adult and fititng in with everyone else. It really saddens me when people feel that they need to change the way they look and who they are just because they feel that the pressure to "grow up".
While I'm still young, I want to be able to go crazy and fuck around, have fun, explore everything, dress like a retard and enjoy being a kid before I have to grow up.
And now I have an idea what I want to do with my future, I feel more confident and that I will make sure my inner child will be with me all through my future career.

For Angeleek

I really hope you never die x x
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