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Oh my god
I seriously think my mother is going insane.
My mum was driving me home from work and she got talking to me about this sock that I wore.
Apparently it was hers and it was SPECIFICALLY for wearing in bed and apparently I "wrecked it".
I was wearing these things with my new boots because they're a bit uncomfy and I wanted to pad them out so I grabbed the first pair of thick socks I could find unbeknownst to me that this sock was new and holy and was obviously my mothers PRIZED POSESSION so mummydear is all like 'You've totaly wrecked it, the bottom is filthy and there's like rubber around the top of it'
Ok mum, I say, I'll wash it... And the she just started screaming at me about how I have no respect for other peoples posessions and that I'm a thief and a bitch.
I actually couldn't believe her. I have never seen her so angry. IT'S A FUCKING SOCK.
When she showed this thing to me I didn't see black rubber I saw small black dots of fluff. Mum gave the impression that this thing was DRIPPING IN TARMAC...
What she did next made me want to die inside.

She soaks the sock in water, lauched herself at me and scrubs it on my laptop keyboard! I had to fight her back with my foot! My top is now soaks and her beloved suede sofa has OMG WATERMARKS on it.
I just sat and laughed and told her that she needs to check herself into a mental hospital and she was like '...no you.' Um, no mum.

She's ran off with my laptop charger and now I have to go find it x_x
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ah my everyday life♥
sometimes i'm actually scared that when she thinks i'm asleep, she's gonna come to my room and kill me..
and then the next day, she's so nice and everything o.o

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