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Because I'm bored of complaining that my 5-month cold doesn't leave me alone, I'm going to talk about something more interesting!

Universal Doll posted on her blog that a mini magazine called GalMori came out recently, showing Gals how to update their makeup because as we know Gal style is famous for evolving~~
I don't know about you, but I think there is a much needed change from blackened eyes, bronzer and eyebrow highlighting.
So here I leave you with some pics and my observations of this NeW GaL makeup.

So I don't kill your computer, I'll just put the pics etc under a cut


The old look is on the right while the new look is on the left and you might notice the most obvious change [besides the fact that it's Gal Sone and the transformation is SHOCKING] is the fact that the eye makeup isn't so dramatic and gasp should I really say this: NATURAL!

There is less "illusion" shall we say, so instead of the old makeup, which used to give the illusion of having wider eyes by use of eyeliner, the NEW look actually requires you to use false eyelashes [instead of liner] in place of where you'd want your lash line to be.

You'll also notice that the white corners of the eyes have been banished(!)

Gal Sone isn't really the best example to portray gal eye makeup seeing as she's lacking false lashes and rims of eyeliner but you get the gist.
So here's another glorious new eye makeup example~ So fresh looking~

Besides eyetape that the girls would be using, this makeup doesn't really requires must 'caucasianing'. It kind of reminds me of Ayumu Hamasaki's general makeup.
The top lashes used for this make are only corner lashes(?) so the lashes fan out at the edge of the eye.

So instead of benig a total plageriser, here's the link to Universal Doll's post on the mag.
I suggest you bookmark her blog too seeing as her posts are incredibly interesting~
GalMori post

Nighty night loves <3


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