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On Tuesday I went shopping for the first time in a month!
I decided to go to London on my larry (translation: by myself) and it was actually really pleasant!

I bought some new MAC lashes because, as you can see, my old ones are really skanky looking now XD. SBY seems to be selling lashes similar to those lashes in a pack of 5 and only for about 1000 yen so I think I might get someone to me some of those.

Big foofy Topshop Skirt for thirty quid (trans:pounds [keyboard has no pound sign]). I've seen similar skirts crop up alot in Ageha.
It's so versatile! and it will last for a bazillion seasons so EVERYONE BUY ONE.

Accessorize berret with bow. I got it for 12 pounds with it kind of expensive. I don't know if I like it or now, it was kind of an impulse thing... I might take it back...

Jumper from H&M which was 20 pounds. I adore this thing, I'm a navy/grey-fiend at the moment, so this goes with basically everything I've been wearing to college.

magazines~ Egg was pretty exciting this month, probably because it's the start of the Autumn season so lots of new trends are coming in and stuffs~ I'm happy to see that Ame-kaji isn't in it much... not that I don't like it; it's just been dominating Gal magazines since the beginning of the year and there's only so much you can do with baggy jeans and a neon t-shirt =/

Now I must continue with my fashion coursework!
Toodles my chums <3
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thankies ^^

My scanner isn't working at the moment D= It has a piece of missing software -_-. I need to finish off some homework but I'll get my scanner working as soon a possible and upload them for you <3

ooh you're so sweet ^^
thank you ~<3


There you go!
It only has the fashion and hair pages and the important stuff so there's no adverts and music bits
Sorry the file is huge

Ooh thanks so much! ^O^
The bigger the better :D

OH hey,
I know I'm being really rude and stuff, but I noticed you didn't include the "Fuyu made kareshi tsukuruzo!" article with Kanya, Aipo and Hi-bou..... Could you please upload those few pages, if it isn't too much? :>

Sure thang~ Give me a few hours and I'll do that for you. I was convinced I scanned those pages... ah well XD


Sorry I took so long D= I had a ton of coursework that I needed to be in for today so I was running around like a mad woman trying to get it finished yesterday.

Haha it's okay :)
Thank you so much for taking the time ^3^

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