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On Tuesday I went shopping for the first time in a month!
I decided to go to London on my larry (translation: by myself) and it was actually really pleasant!

I bought some new MAC lashes because, as you can see, my old ones are really skanky looking now XD. SBY seems to be selling lashes similar to those lashes in a pack of 5 and only for about 1000 yen so I think I might get someone to me some of those.

Big foofy Topshop Skirt for thirty quid (trans:pounds [keyboard has no pound sign]). I've seen similar skirts crop up alot in Ageha.
It's so versatile! and it will last for a bazillion seasons so EVERYONE BUY ONE.

Accessorize berret with bow. I got it for 12 pounds with it kind of expensive. I don't know if I like it or now, it was kind of an impulse thing... I might take it back...

Jumper from H&M which was 20 pounds. I adore this thing, I'm a navy/grey-fiend at the moment, so this goes with basically everything I've been wearing to college.

magazines~ Egg was pretty exciting this month, probably because it's the start of the Autumn season so lots of new trends are coming in and stuffs~ I'm happy to see that Ame-kaji isn't in it much... not that I don't like it; it's just been dominating Gal magazines since the beginning of the year and there's only so much you can do with baggy jeans and a neon t-shirt =/

Now I must continue with my fashion coursework!
Toodles my chums <3
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Ooh thanks so much! ^O^
The bigger the better :D

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