☆ ☄ ☾ ☀. ℓιgнт υρ му ∂αу נυѕт ℓιкє α ƒℓαѕнℓιgнт lเкє ค Ŧlครђlเﻮђt.☀ ☾ ☄ ☆

▓▒░☆Let your hair down in London City☆░▒▓

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Wow I haven't updated in a week, thats a first. Noting really interesting has happened.
Half term!! Yaaaay!
It's gotten off to a bad start though because I was supposed to be going up to London to see peeps and then see Hibiscgyaru and go to the MCM expo but I woke up this morning and felt like I was going to die so I to call off my plans -_-. I really really looking forward to meeting Hib D= I had my outfit planned n everything ARAXJHAX fucking England and it's shitty viruses. Hopefully I'll be better for tomorrow so I can see them then... but I doubt it -_-

I ordered some Candy Doll lenses on the 4th and FINALLY got them about 3 days!

[I thought it would be appropriate to cover my face with a swine-flu mask because 1) I look like a tard and 2) swine flu?]

So what do you guys think? When I first put these in, I thought I looked like a cat XD

I need to practice some eyemakeup that lengthens my eyes so they look less buggish and round.

Yesterday, I handed in my first piece of fashion coursework x_x. Everyone's was amazing in comparison to mine! I am determined to do better now, there's some incredibly talented people in my class.

Everyone dresses up like woah 4 college <3

PhotobucketMa KYAT, Chichi <3
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Isn't it comfy! I wear mine all the time too! Yeah my kitty is a British long hair^_^

I really LOVE your outfit! <3

The lenses look good,very cute:)
I like your outfit,and cat picture yay!cute cat:D

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