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My journal is falling to bits; nothing interesting has been happening lately and when it has, I've been too ill to go.

I haven't bought anything in a while but hopefully that will change because I've been looking at the magical site that is DREAMV and I found a few things that I honestly don't think I can live without. Hopefully when I decifer the shipping costs which look INSANE according to google translator... but it's more than likely that I'm interpreting them wrong so here's what I'm buying <3

2980 yen. I want the pink one with black lace.

I probably already wrote about how I need these shoes on here but srsly LOOK AT DEMZ aren't they hot?! and at around 3000 yen, I can't refuse these. I'm getting these in pink <3

I'm getting the white ones. They kind of remind me of Marie frmo the Aristocats. Only 980yen!!

2980 yen~ I'm getting the salmon pink one which is the one you see in the immediate foreground. It's impossible to find cute/unboring cardigans in England so this one is a must!

1980 yen. I'm getting Pinmk B which has a black bow on the back.

1980 yen. I love the back of this one, I want the Salmon pink one... i have to stop buying so much in grey, I'm addicted to it.

In other news, my parents booked a trip to Brouge and FORGOT to book me in. They managed to remember my sister. Srsly WTF. They're giving me compensation for it, which is alright BUT HOW CAN YOU FORGET YOUR OWN BLOODY DAUGHTER. I've only been here 17 years!!


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As soon as I heard my parents say they were going away i was like OMG I WANNA COME but then she said she's going with your rents n its an 'adult thing' and then like last week mum was like 'oh yeah perri's going too' in was like WTF MATE YOU SAID WE WERENT GOING? So why is she going? And mum was like Well I didn't think you'd want to go n I thought your dad asked you if you wanted to go n im all like well WHY THE FUCK WOULDNT I WANT TO GO N DAD TOLD ME NUFFINK!? So basically they shitted up so mum said she's give me the cash equivilent plus extra cus I'm pursuasive like that.

jeez well i wanna get paid not to go in that case. actually theyd have to pay me TO go.

seriously you wouldnt have wanted to go anyway, theyren listening to BELL RINGING at midnight.
im sure you've got many better things to be doing

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