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Entry 20- Epic crew's raping virgin snow day
Today was seriously epic, hence why it was called EPIC DAY; but later dubbed Virgin Snow Rape Day.
When I saw epic i mean EPIC!
Jess cancelled her arrangement with me in fear of dying in the snow so I went up to a park with other people.
Mum was doing her best to pursuade me not to go as it would take me about 45 minutes to get to the park but I was like "FUCK U I R GOIN AWT MAM" and stormed out.
Met half my friends in the woods on the way up to the park and I was surprisingly warm baring in mind that i was wearing the worst possible clothes for snowy; skinny jeans.
There were no snow tracks in the woods seeing as noone else dared to venture out so we "raped" all the virgin snow by literally lying on the floor and rolling around in it. I'd so glad that snow was 10 inches deep, we were probably rolling on hidden shite or something.

My retarded friends decided to sled down steps. Emma got the idiot award for managing to slide right past the steps and fly right down a steep drop and got a fantastical bruise on each thigh.
Fran and her sister left to go her house an hour later since Fran had an amaaaazing cold which make her eyes glow with redness.

We trecked to this massive hill near the golf course and by everyone was miserable from the cold so the girls decied to treck back to Saz's house while Ben and Scott trashed Fran's sled on the slope.

That was the longest trip ever I swear, my legs are still numb from it. D=

Monged around Saz's house and dried my hair which literally had iscicles in it while Saz and Emma got in the bath (wearing swim suits mind thee) and we were met by Scott and Ben about an hour later and watched Sweeney Todd then Fran and Georgia came back over.
Mum wanted me to stay at Fran's house because, according to Frans mother "she didnt want me to get Hypothermia"... Ok mum!
Thats didn't happen thought because while I was settling down to prepare myself for the night ahead of me, dad turned up at Fran's house and was like 'we unfroze the car, do you want to come home?' Well... not really dad, I don't but seeing as I was still kind of wet I said yes. Butbutbut wanted coffee cake D=
We're probably all giong to go out again tomorrow seeing as school is cancelled AGAIN EPIC WINNNNNN. We're bettigng there will be no school til Thursday =D.


It's so weird; days like this are super rare and they feel like a completely isolated day; neither a school day or a weekend. I love that feeling, it's really sureal.

I'll try and steal some pictrues off my friends so show thee.

Photobucket Photobucket

Oh, and have some fan service.



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