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Entry 22- Back to school

Went back to school today and fucking hell, what was the point!? Everyone was sliding around all over the fucking joint and dispite leaving for school 15 minutes earlier I still managed to be late.

You know I cant even be wankered to write about school because NOTHING EVER HAPPENS

Except Chrissie did show me this amazingly funny Tony Blair xGordon Brown slash fic. It was quite terrfying.

Here is a taster for you:

When he got there Tony was already naked apart from his socks and lying on his bed swinging one foot pertly.
'What kept you?' he said saucily. 'Get your pants off, fatty.'

And then there was nothing but sweaty, animal sex and grunts and moans of bliss.

Sounds my my idea of hell. Sweat, grunting and fat people. God can you just imagine, I can feel my brain begin to hemorrhage as I type this

Damn I wanna find some jrock fan fiction...

I had a dream last night that me and my friend Fran went on a celebrity 'people safari' around Orpington. So bascially you'd find as many celebs as possible and shout at them and what not.
I don't remember much of it but you know when you can tell someone has been in your dream but don't remember what they were doing; its like that.
But I do remember seeing Takeru and shouting 'OMG I AM ACTUALLY IN LOVE WITH YOU AND WANT YOUR CHILDREN' and he looked at me like I was crazy and then I took a picture with him, and he was really short, which he is anyway. 162cm LOL compared to my humungous 167cm. (god I wish I was taller, I wish HE was taller, DAMN YOU ORIENTALS) He had crazy blue hair in a high pony tail, it was like really epic hair.

Sexual connotations <3


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