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Entry 23- Back to school 2
If there's snow, all the schools might as well be shut cus the kids will not fucing concentrate. It's like natural law Snow=inability to learn.
With the snow sucking out our mental abilities and souls, my german class spent most of the time laughing at the womans voice a Audio practice paper and me and Fran spent alot of the time joining up the moles on her arms to make some sort of abstract art. RS was me and Ellie making loud grunting noises to see who could out-man eachother and all my peers demanded they wouldnt work until they got chocolate cake, which we eventually got. Discussion went from Kant's view on lying to whether we'd eat dead babies to save our own lives in a plane crash. I just monged in Psychology and slept while we watched some crap DVD on conformity.

OMG finding awesome new music is almost as good as sex. This particular guy in youtube who's called Dannie Moo or something uploads the most AMAZING new techno/electropop songs EVER regularly so i stalk his page occasionally cus I am i love with like every song he uploads. Thank you Mr Moo.

I LOVE MEG! and this song is so deliciously psychotic and the video is fucking hot!

GACKT! King of the perverts


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