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▓▒░☆Let your hair down in London City☆░▒▓

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Entry 24- "This is a pen"
I always come back from Bromley empty handed. Why? Because its shite. It's like every other town highstreet thing its got a Primark, Topshop, Miss Selfridge, River Island, Warehouse, H&M, Zara, Dorothy Perkins and just boring boring places and they're so expensive! I wish we had all those American shops, I swear their clothes are the price equivalent to Mark One.

I did buy some bleach for white out my hair so I can put cupcake pink in it... well I think its bleach anyway, it calls itself "pre-lighteneing" but I think it was just trying to be clever. It didn't fool me.


You're jealous of my chocolate cream frappucino aren't you. It was yummy yummy.

Me and Jess people-watched to see who looked the coolest. According to DA GRRLZ OV BROMLAY, current street trends include an all black outfit (preferably a tracksuit) with NEON make-your-eyes-vomit accessories and long neon socks over skinnies. basically you look like a failed raver/scene kid. it's not pretty, I advise you strongly not to go there.
I used to love neon colours but for some reason, I'm really not feeling them anymore. I don't like this whole clashy bright colour thing, I'm happier to clash pastel colours cus they just look cute with everything <3


Girigamesh gl!tter umbrella
Yes he was meant to fall over.

I love the music world at the moment, the new stuff I've found is so awesome I could actually cry rainbows and bubble bath capsules that are all pearly.


Was watching TV at gastly hours of the morning and this weird show popped up on screen and I saw the word Hiropon and OBVIOUSLY the first thing that sprung to mind was Hiroto from Alice Nine.

hiroto Pictures, Images and Photos
Horray ^^

Some facts about Hiropon are that he's the same hight as me (special~), he can do an amazing old man voice like me and Jess and apparently has enough courage to cry on stage in front of a crowd of girls the size of a football stadium. Wow.

By the way mum, I will not go out with a turkish boy EVERRRRRR unless they're half and are TALL and don't have amazing amounts of black hair on their knuckles and don't listen to shit-hop in their crap cars or mega dark tans and walk around in flip-flops. NO THANK YOU


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