☆ ☄ ☾ ☀. ℓιgнт υρ му ∂αу נυѕт ℓιкє α ƒℓαѕнℓιgнт lเкє ค Ŧlครђlเﻮђt.☀ ☾ ☄ ☆

▓▒░☆Let your hair down in London City☆░▒▓

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Entry 27- Partay Peepull
My computer is painfully slow, and I mean agonisingly slow. The internet connection died for about 3 hours and its magically sprung back to life... to an extent.

Today was amazingly pointless. German got cancelled because our teacher was off somewhere, English doesnt even count as a lesson, next was a free period and then 4th period was cancelled becuase our teacher is sick so me and Hannah had 3 hours to burn so we just went home.
Bought Elle magazine on the way back. I spend way to much money on those things, I think I should get a subscription.


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