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Entry 30..31- I dont even know

My laptop officially hates Facebook. I'm literally on it for about 5 minutes and it murders my internet.
Im trying to add this girl from my year on FB. There's this massive thing going around that she has really slaggy pictures of herself, which is like totally OOC for her. She's like one of those quiet weird types.... .....

Anyways: I am menat to be studying from a Philosophy test tomorrow AND handing in piece of german homework that was way over due. I don't think these teachers understand how much homework we actually get. All my teachers tell me to priorotise their subject over all the other subjects, well I'm sorry I can't do that. I always get shouted at im German for not handing in the homework, WELL SORRY 3-german-teachers-that-i-have, your ass subject gives me 3x more work that all my other 3 subjects combined so STFU!1 God..

I was just about to go outside my house and shout at my neighbours for singing too loudy when I realised that it was my radio XDD I've gotten into a pattern of always sleeping with the radio on so I can only hear mumbles... interesting...


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